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At VRSKY Games, we believe that VR Flight helps gamers experience an easy and beautiful flight in Virtual Reality.

Fly with 60 fighter jets from 3rd, 4th, 4++, and 5th generations around the world over 7 different terrains in Quest 2.

There are 4 modes of flight:

-"Scramble" which is an instance of action randomly with a random fighter for the player and a random fighter for the enemy. 

-"Dogfight" in which the player can choose a fighter for himself and then a fighter jet for an enemy squadron over a chosen terrain with custom difficulty and custom weather. 

-"Airshow" where users can do the aerobatic show with some of the famous airshow teams around the world over 3 different terrains. 

-"Free flight" which is a terrain that has been chosen by the user without an enemy for having a free flight. 

In the beginning, just 3rd generation of fighter jets are ready to fly on free flight or dogfight but by destroying enemy aircraft and enemy anti-air, the user gets a score then with these scores, the next generation of fighter jets will be unlocked. To unlock airshow teams, the player has to do airshows to get scores and then unlock a new airshow team.

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